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How can I pay the service?
How to meet your driver?
How to cancel or modify a reservation?
My departure/destination is not in the Algarve region.
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Need a Safety Baby Seat?
How long is my trip?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a reservation with Faro Airport Transfers?

  • Enter the reservations page and fill in our transfer quote calculator with the details of your transfer.
  • The price for the service shows up automatically.
  • Click on reservation button for the next step.
  • If the pick-up location is other than faro airport, fill in the form the exact place where you want our driver to wait for you.
  • If the pick up location is not Faro airport, fill in the exact location where our driver should pick you up.
  • Ignore the second transfer information if they are the same as in the first trip.
  • If more than 16 passengers are in your group, the exact number of passengers will be requested, you must fill this in to proceed with the reservation.
  • Fill in your personal details and contacts.
  • Click on proceed to reservation to go to the final verification stage.
  • Verify all the details of your transfer, as well as your personal details and contacts.

  • Submit the reservation by clicking on the reservation button and choose the type of payment.
  • A conformation e-mail will be sent to the address given in the reservation form.
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How can I pay for my transfer service?

  • We have two forms of payment for the service:
    • Pay Online
    • Pay to the driver upon arrival.
  • To pay online submit the reservation and then you will find a link to Paypal, where you may pay with your credit card.
  • To pay the driver simply ignore the online payment presented. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that you must re-submit. This procedure is only to confirm your email, your reservation will be already processed.
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How to use the Transfer Quote Calculator?

  • Choose the option of how many passengers are in your group.
  • Choose the departure and destination locations for your transfer.
  • Choose the transfer service date.
  • Choose the time you would like our driver to wait for you.
  • NOTE: If Faro airport is your pick up location it has been previously selected, all you need to select is the drop off location.
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Do you require a second transfer ( or return )?

  • Check the "Two way" box and repeat the previous steps.
  • Note: The system acknowledges"two way" as a return transfer, you may any how alter it to any other locations.
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What is included in the transfer service price?

  • After filling in all necessary fields the price will be automatically presented.
  • The price presented is in Euros and includes all tax.
  • The price shown for groups ranging from 1 to 4, 5 to 8, 9 to 12 and 13 to 16 are the total price for the group of passengers.
  • For groups over 17 passengers, the price shown is per passenger. The system will present the total transfer service price in the next step, after you fill in the exact number of passengers.
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How to find the Faro Airport Transfers car or bus?

  • When pick up is made at Faro airport, a driver will be waiting for you on the time submitted, in the arrival section with a sign with your name on it.
  • When you are being picked up at any resort, supply us with the exact location and time so that our driver may find you.
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How to cancel or modify a reservation?

  • To cancel or modify a reservation click on contac us and send us a email stating your request.
  • Spell "cancel reservation" to cancel and "modify reservation" to modify.
  • Identify your reservation with your name and date of the first transfer requested.
  • In emergency cases, use the telephone number stated on your confirmation email.
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My departure or destination is not in the Algarve region.

  • We provide transfer services for other destinations than Algarve region.
  • Under the locations box choose "other" and automatically other locations will become available in Portugal and Spain.
  • For other destinations or any doubts, do not hesitate in contacting us.
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My departure or destination is not in the option list.

  • We have made a list of the major travel destinations in the Algarve region. If your pick up or drop off location is not on our options list, you should select the closest location. The exact location will be requested in the next step.
  • Check the locations list provided in the Faro Airport Transfer separator and choose the location closest present in the options list.
  • You may request a quote by email. To do this click on the contact us link and send a detailed description of the service required.
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Need a safety baby seat?

  • All our cars and bus are equiped with one safety baby seat. If you need more than one baby seat, complete your reservation with the number of safety seats you need and the age of the childs. This service is free of charge.
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How long is my trip?

If my arrival flight is delayed?

  • If one of your pick up points is at Faro airport, please enter your arrival flight number, so we can monitor your flight to know the exact arrival time.
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